Welcome to Social Change Speakers. We represent a select group of legitimate change agents for speaking engagements. We purposely work with speakers who we believe are committed to affecting positive change in the world, and who warrant your attention. We represent leaders who are inspirational, transformational and unique. Most speaker bureaus and agencies represent hundreds of speakers in hopes of casting the widest net possible. By being more intentional about our speakers and our process, it allows us to focus on quality; not quantity. 

We believe that life is too short to listen to speakers who only reinforce your world view. We strive to challenge you and to incite discourse, because that's when real learning takes place. Though "be the change you wish to see in the world" was in fact never spoken by Mahatma Gandhi, it is nonetheless a powerful ideal which our speakers embody. They are indeed the change they wish to see and as such, we take great joy in helping them spread their messages.  Take a look around and call or email us today to discuss your speaker needs.